Lets play guess what took two hours:

What’s that, “She napped for two hours?”- Nope not this time!
Someone else?.. “You got two hours of ME time?” Haha I see you are a comedian!
Well ladies and gentlemen the answer is…TWO STRAIGHT HOURS OF CRYING!
Ooo I can just hear it now, “Did you try (fill in the blank)? Yup take a look at what I tried…

Singing her favorite song, “You are my Sunshine”, to which she CRIED.
Negotiated/Bribed her.. If you stop now Mommy will wake YOU up at 4am for your favorite feeding!!!- Nah she didn’t take the bait!
Deep lounges..BTW who is the maniac that determined this was a soothing technique??? And she continued to CRY while I developed a leg cramp!
Vacuumed! Isnt white noise like this supposed to help? Well the house is now clean but you guessed it she cried on right through it!
I then did the unthinkable..LET HER CRY WHILE I LEFT THE ROOM! Parent Failure right?? Well regardless if it was or not she continued to wail and was now sobbing- GO MOM!
I then repeated steps 1 through 5 and then added the most important step..I PRAYED! Was prayer going to stop her from crying..maybe, maybe not but what id did was center me so that I could remember the most important fact, she would eventually fall asleep!

I think babies have a sixth sense and can tell when you are freaking out because as soon as I calmed down she fell asleep. Now dont get too excited, it was a short nap but she woke up for me I was still revved up. So, I laced up my sneakers and fastened her in her princess mobile (AKA the BOB stroller..a separate post will come soon about that thing) and went for a jog. Cupcake clearly made out in this scenario as guess what she peacefully napped while I huffed and puffed!

Take a look at the picture, notice her tiny little butt is up in the air..I know she purposefully did that as her way of communicating how she felt by the whole” letting her cry for 2 hours deal!”

Lets just chalk it up to B.A.B. syndrome. In other words her just Being A Baby!

She is bound to have another episode like this one, it may be longer or shorter. Perhaps I will try these steps or come up with a separate list but I know one step I wont be omitting..PRAYER!

Hoping your little ones or big ones or whomever you had to deal with today, behaved better than my cupcake!

Sweet Dreams!


First of all, yes, it is real and NOPE its not your hormones so that should make you feel a little bit better. Cant blame those pesky hormones for his one!

How I knew I had it…

I woke up one morning and literally could not move my left thumb without excruciating pain! I immediately thought, did I hit it? bang it on something? or fall asleep on my hand, since lets be honest with a two month old (at the time) I would sleep anywhere and anytime I could!

Well that day I went to pick up Cupcake and couldnt even lift her..are you kidding me?? Thank God Grandma and Daddy were there or I might have called 911..ok Im exaggerating slightly but you get the picture.

What I did next:

Yup you guessed it, hello Google! Typed in “my thumb hurts after childbirth” and guess what came up? Mommy Thumb! So it does exist ( yes, go run and tell your hubby, significant other or just scream it out loud- I did!)

The medical name is De Quervain Syndrome, an inflammation of the tendons below the thumb down to the wrist. So what causes this thing??

Older new mothers (not EVEN going there!)
Heavier children (not going there either!!)
Lifting your child, the car seat and all of their stuff AKA being a MOM!

So What Do You Do:

Wear a wrist/thumb brace (ok did that and was still in pain).
Cortisone shot (relief at last but I must warn you the shot hurts like HECK and the pain intensifies for about 2-3 days after the shot but then you get AMAZING relief!!!). My relief lasted about 3 months and then I slowly felt the pain creep back up so back for round 2 I went!
Surgery- I have been told that if it doesn’t go away surgery is the only option but I don’t want to go there either!

How is my Mommy Thumb Today:

Today I’m pain free, so off to lifting, tossing and playing with Cupcake I go until that pesky pain creeps back up again and then its off to Dr. Mommy Thumb I go ( at least I found another person that will look at yet another picture of my daughter- BONUS!!!).

I hope you never get Mommy Thumb, but if you do know that there is relief to be found OR better yet put your feet up, have a glass of wine and order people around! I should have taken my own advice!


Happy 6 months to my little cupcake:)

Chalk it up to being a new mommy and the need to celebrate EVERYTHING including, yup you guessed it, her 1/2 birthday! Im sure she will have absolutely no memory of this special day but I will:) Her special day included a half birthday cupcake, happy birthday balloons and mom (and dad) making a very big deal of her taking her first spoon full of baby rice cereal..the video is priceless! Happy 6 months cupcake, this is only the beginning of your many firsts that mommy will make a BIG deal of celebrating- YOLO😉

I’m a Mommy

This little cupcake changed my world on January 21, 2013 Being a mommy has changed the way I see EVERYTHING! She has inspired me to go after my dreams and to find the joy in the little things. Not sure what this blog will become but for now I will just share my journey with you!

Cupcakes Mommy:)

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