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So I just celebrated my 2nd Mothers Day and my last Mother’s Day as a Mommy of 1- I still can’t believe that! I still feel like a Rookie Parent in many aspects as I have so much to learn in my journey of Motherhood.

I never really reflected on Mother’s Day before becoming a Mother but I took some time to really think about it this year. Motherhood is a HARD JOB and in my opinion one of the hardest there is.

Mother’s Day unfortunately has turned into an over commercialized holiday in which the obligatory cards and flowers are given as a token of appreciation. Mother’s Day is often dreaded by husbands and fathers as they stress over what to get the Mothers in their life, but why??

The problem is that husbands and wives don’t really SEE each other. We give our absolute best to our jobs and other obligations during the day bringing home the “leftovers” to our families. We give all of our “warm and fuzzes” to complete strangers and only have the energy to say “what’s for dinner” or “what’s on the schedule for tomorrow” to those whom we call the most important people in our lives.

Its no wonder we don’t know what to get each other on special occasions. We don’t spend enough time getting to know each other. We don’t spend enough time studying and learning each other so that we can meet and anticipate each others needs. Holidays should be a time where we can’t wait to give each other just want the other person needs because we know what that NEED is.

Think about something you are really GREAT at… how did you get to be so good at that particular thing? You studied it, you practiced, you read about other words your IMMERSED yourself in it. You may have fallen down a lot but you learned from your mistakes and are now confident in that particular ability. Well that should apply to the most IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP God gifts us with- OUR MARRIAGES!

My husband and I will both admit that we have often given each other our “leftovers” pre-baby and DEFINITELY post-baby and the result is not pretty. After becoming a Mommy I have been even more motivated to become a better wife because my daughters will model their lives and behavior mostly from what they observe me doing, saying and living. I don’t want them to observe a Mommy and Daddy just going through the motions, I want them to observe two people who love, nurture and care for each other.

God has gifted us Mother’s with a TREMENDOUS gift which comes with a TREMENDOUS amount responsibility. When my daughter looks at my with her big brown eyes she is searching for “ME” and saying Mommy do you see “ME”. I want to make sure that the “ME” she sees is the right one and that takes a huge commitment on my part.

Next weekend I’m devoting two days to attend the Beautiful You Conference in Washington DC. This conference is a 2 day event for woman designed to help us become better women, wives, mother’s and people through Gods love so that we can better serve the most IMPORTANT relationships in our lives.

I’m doing this for GOD first, and then for my husband and daughters. I tell my husband all the time that we only have one life and it CAN be AWESOME and AMAZING but we have to seek GOD first and put in the work.

I want my husband to know that there is nothing more important than our family and we make the most investment in those things that matter the MOST to us.

I ask for your prayers next week as I do some soul searching and reflecting. I know God is going to show up in a big way and I can’t wait to see what he does to make me a better wife, mother and woman.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day- even if you little ones can’t say it yet- You are the reason their hearts smile everyday. You are NEVER replaceable to them!

Make it a BEAUTIFUL day!



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