First things first- who ever invented the baby wipe has got to be a billionaire. I mean their butts are so tiny but I swear we go through a pack a day. Oh and don’t get me started on Milk.. I mean how much Milk can a tiny human consume daily??seriously considering buying a cow;)

Ok..where was I before that meltdown?? The lack of sleep and overwhelming feeling of euphoria combined with the “what just happened” state of shock I’m in when I look at my two little girls is mind blowing.

Just a little over 3 years ago my Dad was walking me down the aisle and giving away his little girl and here I am the Mom of a 17 month old and 1 week old.  O.M.G

I’m only two weeks into this ” two under two” underground world and I do feel like I will survive. I know I’m lucky because my Mom is here for a while which definitely helps with everything.  Recovering from a C section, caring for yourself and a toddler is extremely difficult. How woman do it without help and support is unbelievable!

The days are exceptionally long and the nights are extremely short. I refer to the night time as an elongated nap. Between the feeding every 2 hours and changing 10-12 diapers a day:

I’m exhausted …yet fulfilled!

I’m fatigued …yet spiritually renewed!

I’m physically in pain…but I’m over joyed and at peace!

It’s often hard to find a sense of purpose in those beginning weeks and months because your role as a mother is sort of custodial in nature but lucky for me I have a very energetic and vivacious 17 month old wrapping her arms around my shins to remind me that what I do each day matters!

I received a lot of advice and opinions about what it would be like to have two under two and I have decided to write my own story of how this adventure goes.

My journey with these two little girls is just beginning.

For now I’m concentrating on getting deep sleep in 3 hour increments at a time- that is my idea of a success at this moment.

I know it will get easier as the months go on but I have to remind myself that this stage is a moment in time. I will try to embrace it as best as I can and won’t hesitate to call in reinforcement aka my Mom when I’m  losing it… If I’m being honest I may not let her leave😉

Make it a great day mamas and sleep some for me!!

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