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Owner, Premier Dance DC


Wanda Weir

If one word could sum up Wanda Weir, that would be PASSION. Over the years Wanda has built a personal brand that encompasses the three areas in her life that she is most passionate about: Family, Fitness and Dance.

As a Mom of two young daughters, Wanda has become a mentor to young women through her parenthood blog as she shares an honest look at her life as a mom who is literally dancing through motherhood.

“Wanda is a former NBA and NFL professional dancer who has traded in her performance shoes to operationally run and creatively manage two successful dance companies that reach dancers as young as 18 months through college and beyond.”

With over 20 years of experience as a dancer, coach, mentor and leader Wanda’s mission is to inspire aspiring dancers to become a holistic dancer. A dancer who is not only technically strong but one who has the mental strength and self-confidence it takes to make it.

Inspiring others to be the best version of themselves is what motivates Wanda to create content that encourages, develop dancers that are strong inside and out and lead others to become people who can create change with compassion!


Always demanding, constantly changing, and never enough caffeine!
Opening your heart in more ways than you thought possible.


I’m Wanda, a Former Business Consultant and Professional Dancer/Choreographer turned Mother of 2 beautiful little girls who are only 18 months apart. Believing in my faith paired with lots of patience and dancing, has taught me even a little dance party stops the worse toddler tantrums, and wine solves everything (like you didn’t know that!).

“As the wife of a police officer my schedule is never the same. Running two home based dance businesses while staying at home with my girls has been a beautiful mess full of “what in the world did I get myself into” moments.”

This is my journey…. Dancing into Motherhood

Enjoy the Show!


Tutus and Tushies is a concept started by Premier owner and mother of two, Wanda Weir. Wanda has shared her journey into motherhood on her blog cupcake and tutus since the birth of her first daughter in 2013. Fast forward to 2015, Wanda is now a mom to 2 daughters while running two dance companies Premier Dance and Tippi Toes DC.

She has been searching for a way to give back since she has been very fortunate to do what she loves (dance) and still be able to be the primary caregivers for her two girls while affording their basic needs and the little extras as well. One day as she was picking out the fun pattern she wanted to order next month for her diaper bundle from Honest Company she thought about the fact that something as simple as diapers is not a given for some families!







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