TeamWORK makes the DreamWORK!

The definition of work is “activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result”

In dance, achieving a goal takes BOTH mental strength AND physical strength.

Half of the battle and often the hardest part is convincing yourself that you are worth the effort it takes to reach your goal!

Mindset + Muscle = Making it Happen!









Talent vs. Hard Work

What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of HARD WORK!

Don’t waste time looking for the short cut or the easier way!

It’s the purposeful steps you take each day that get your closer to your goal!

Today marked a brand new month- it’s time to take it up a notch!
Proud of how far this team has come since the beginning of the season.

Now let’s go chase the sky🌟#premierdancedc #workoutwithwanda #dreamchasers


Premier Dance Team: Washington Wizards Halftime Performance

Next week is a BIG week for Premier Dance DC as our Elite Performance Team takes center court during halftime at the NBA Washington Wizards Game on Wednesday March 25th.

To purchase tickets please visit







An even BIGGER announcement is that we have teamed up with Adrenaline All Stars for our performance.

Adrenaline’s all male open hip hop team will be performing with Premier and we can’t wait!

To purchase tickets please visit

Welcome to Premier Dance

wandaweirblogpostMy name is Wanda Brown Weir, the Owner/Director of Premier Dance DC. From as long as I can remember I have danced. My first introduction to the stage was at the age of 3 all dolled up in my red dress and white tap shoes dancing to a song called ” Country Hoedown”. I was never the little girl who cried before going on stage. My mom said I asked for complete silence so I could mentally prepare for my performance.

Over the years I have had the privilege of performing and dancing with some amazing dancers, choreographers and teams. Being a member of the Towson University Dance Team, Washington Redskins and Washington Wizards were all experiences I will treasure forever.

The experience that has most shaped my dance career and made me realize that coaching was the path for me was the time I spent as a instructor with Universal Dance Association. The feeling I got from helping teams improve and reach their goals was indescribable.

I have a passion for mentoring others. It fills me up and makes my heart smile. There is nothing like coaching a dancer and have her call you with tears of joy telling you that she made her dream college dance team.

To be the best dancer you can be your need a team of people in your corner helping you succeed. My successes are because of the constant support my parents gave me and because of the numerous mentors and role models I have had along the way.

Premier hopes to be just that, a mentor to help you reach your goals.

Launching this business has been a goal of mine for many years and it’s only because of the support from my friends and family that I’m making this dream a reality.

Thank you to all who have believed in me!

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