Im just coming back from an amazing weekend with some exceptional women and mothers/ As we all talked about our career goals and highlights I started reflecting on the hardest job that I have and will every have and that is being a Mother.

Think back to the steps you took when you interviewed for your most recent job. You probably did something like this…

1. Read the job description…

2. Did some research on the company…

3. Discussed the salary and the benefits…

4. Decided YES this is for me…

Ok now lets talk about motherhood- its a job right so shouldn’t the same steps apply? Ha!

1. You can’t do step one can you?

Lets be honest the real reason a job description doesnt exist for being a mom is because NO one in the right mind would take the job and in this case I do believe ignorance is bliss…It was so nice to live in that blissful land where you really thought babies were born knowing how to sleep all night and that teeth just magically appeared with no pain.

Before becoming a mommy I believed my 40+ hour work week was the hardest schedule I would ever have and that answering to my bosses demands and balancing work and my social life was just to much to handle that I would often sleep until noon on Saturday’s.

There is no way that I could have possibility imagined what becoming a mother would do to my life and more importantly my heart.

Speaking honestly I don’t always love being a mother. A mother is a custodian, cook, errand runner, maid, miracle worker, tantrum stopper, diaper changer, and on and on and on.

BUT I love being a Mama!

  • A MAMA is the woman responsible for shaping the hearts of her babies.
  •  A MAMA knows she should greet her babies with a smile every morning because that sets their day in the right direction.
  • A MAMA knows that her babies are watching her every move and that even before they can say it they want to be just like you.
  • A MAMA knows that her babies don’t care what she wears or drives just as long as SHE is present reading, laughing, playing and creating memories that will become the framework of their little lives.
  • A MAMA knows that she is irreplaceable and that no one else can take her place.

In order for me to be ok with taking a job I didn’t sign up for I had to stop calling myself a Mother and look at myself through the same lens that my baby girls do..the Mama lens.

A simple change in perspective can make even the most mundane tasks of motherhood more meaningful and I always thought mothers who said that were crazy. Seriously how can doing the laundry be FUN..come on!  But you know what it can be. When I say Cupcake its time to do the laundry she comes running with a big smile on her face and says “Mama, I help you”!

She takes each item one at a time and with all of her little effort makes sure it gets completely in the washing machine. When all the clothes are in, I lift her up and she pushes the button and says “Mama, I did it all by myself”.

That’s all it took for her to be happy in “her” little world!

When we take away all of the tasks of doing and achieving we can really get to the heart of motherhood. Loving my babies is a job I know I can do and can do well.

This is one position that will NEVER need to be filled by anyone else but ME and I’m happy with that.

Love is NOT about perfection Love is about intention and I intend to purposefully love by babies with all I have.  The tasks associated with Motherhood can wait what they need is for me to show up every day and love them with everything I have.

I promise to always be your Mama Always!

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