This is a big week for my 2.5 year old and an even BIGGER week for Mama.  On Wednesday my first baby girl starts pre-school.  I thought about keeping her home another year to hold her close to me a bit longer but I then realized SHE is ready because I have helped her along the way.

There have been many, MANY times when I prayed that this day would come…those prayers came fast and furious during one of her many meltdowns. The most recent one resulting from me NOT letting her buy size 5 BOY cargo pants and a shirt that said “Boy’s Rule!

Now that the day is here I feel like there are so many things I want to tell her as she takes her first step away from the safety of Mama’s arms..

During bedtime tonight I tried to fit all of these “golden rules” in after the 10th book we read, but she feel asleep before I could finish…a miracle in and of itself😉

I decided I would write them down so I wouldn’t forget…

  1. Loving God does not mean you look down on those who don’t share your belief.  You are going to a Christian school because Mommy and Daddy decided that is best for you. You will have friends who go to different schools and as long as they are nice and caring- you can be friends with them too!
  2. You WILL look different than most of your peers and that is a GOOD thing. Be proud of who you are- ALWAYS!
  3. Your hair will get A LOT of attention. Just smile:) Your 2.5- the complexity of why your hair is different can be explained later..
  4. Not everybody will be nice to you. It breaks my heart to even write that and I may be tempted to tell a parent to meet me outside if somebody hurts you- I’m kidding..kinda😉There will be plenty of people who WILL like you. Focus on them!
  5. Tell me everything! You seem to talk from the time you get up to the time you go to bed and please don’t stop. I want to here about your day, the pink toad you saw that said hello, according to the conversation we had the other day and everything in between.. I promise to ALWAYS make time to listen!
  6. Lastly, even though you are taking a step away from me you are not leaving me behind. I will sometimes be beside you to witness your discoveries as you make them, in front of you to lead you when you are unsure of where to go, a close step behind to catch you when you get your feelings hurt and most importantly my arms will be forever open to embrace you WHENEVER you need me too.

This is the first time for Mama too so lets take it one day at a time…

Lets pave our OWN way and write the new chapter in this journey together!


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