“What’s that Mama?”

“Mama, look!?

“Look over there Mama!”

These little questions are becoming the norm for my little Cupcake to ask me- ALL DAY LONG!  Right now, these questions are cute and innocent in nature and are mostly referring to the big truck we see as we drive to music class or a new sound she hears as we go about our day. This morning she heard a sound that I quickly said was a bird chirping and she said very proudly “No, Mama that’s not a bird, what is that OTHER sound?” I looked at her and said oh, that sound is a cricket singing and she said, okay Mama!

She is 2.5- and correcting me already..I’m in BIG trouble.

You see one day soon she will start asking me Why? and How? questions and she won’t be referring to sounds and trucks… honestly I’m not sure if I’m ready to answer what she may ask me!

My sweet Cupcake is smart as a whip and very inquisitive so I know it won’t be long before a simple one word answer will  NOT suffice and for the subject matter to be about the little differences she observes in the people, places and things around her.

You know I thought the difficult part of parenting was the late night nursing sessions and managing two little ones in diapers, which I’m still doing- wish me continued luck on the potty training business. Telling her not to pee pee on Minni Mouse isn’t quite working… but looking ahead I know that is NOT the hard part!…labor intensive, YES!.. but one day they talk back to you and that chapter of all of the baby books was missing from my copies!

I have been praying a lot for God to give me the courage, strength and the right words to tell her when she asks me character- building questions and I think he spoke to me clearly during a little trip we made to a lavender farm near our house.

At the farm you pick your own lavender and they give you a basket and scissors and send you on your way. There are rows and rows of lavender and they describe to you which ones will make the BEST ones and then off you go.

My Cupcake heads off running and begins to start pulling them out of the ground and I gently tell her “Honey, we want to cut them gently so we don’t ruin them!” and she says,” OK, Mama”.

She starts running again and says “Look, Mama!” as she spots a bunch of flowers that weren’t lavender and I said “Honey, those are beautiful but we are picking lavender today” She threw a bit of a typical toddler fit but I ran along and said “follow me!” to snap her out of it.

She did the best that she could to focus on the task but I had to help her a lot!  When I thought she was really going to lose it one of the workers asked her if she would like to fed the bunnies.  Then, the BEST thing happened…instead of running off she looked at me with her big eyes and smiled and said “I go fed the bunnies, Mama?” and I said “Sure baby, that’s fine!”

In that moment I knew God had given me my answer. Show her the way through your actions, guide her back on the right path when you see she is going astray and trust that she will look to you for guidance.

I know I’m going to have some pretty complicated questions ahead of me and I’m going to need a lot of guidance of my own when I have two teenage girls at the same time, but my experience at the farm taught me a valuable lesson. My girls will decide what to put in their basket of life by seeing what I put in mine.

I’m choosing to put love, acceptance, humility, patience, forgiveness, understanding and joy in my basket and my sweet girls will be watching as I do.

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