We have all been there… the dreaded “I have too many grocery bags to bring in and not enough hands” dilemma.img_5663

If I put 5 bags on one hand and 6 on the other and carry the roll of toilet paper under my arms, I think I can manage to get up the stairs and in the door without falling…oh wait, what about the kids??

Ok..well, if one walks and I carry the other than I can still put 5 bags on one and 6 on the other and then Cupcake can surely carry the toilet paper..until of course she tells me “Mama, I can’t..its too heavy!”

Now mind you, I have witnessed this tiny human lift a gallon of milk and her little sister, who although tiny still weights 18 pounds, so I KNOW she can carry the toilet paper BUT she was very clear to me in her declaration and it made stop and ask myself, “why in the world am I trying to carry all of this stuff at one time?”

I know why, I didn’t want to have to come back down to the garage when I just wanted to get upstairs, get them fed and hopefully down for a nap. Coming back down would be an inconvenience and an unnecessary step wouldn’t it?

In that moment I realized that I needed to revaluate what HAD to be taken up on this first trip and honestly it was just two bags- the rest could wait.

Wait for after their nap..wait for when my hubby came home..or honestly it could wait until tomorrow.

Being a very driven person has it faults sometimes and in this case it resulted in me thinking that something was urgent that wasn’t.

I’m learning in this motherhood journey that most of what I think is urgent just isn’t especially when I see life from the eyes of my two little sweethearts.

In that moment, my oldest wanted me to hold her hand up the stairs and my littlest baby wanted me to carry her without the added strain of too many bags weighing my arm down.

I heard God whisper, IT CAN WAIT...focus on what is right in front of you.

So I grabbed the bag with the milk, yogurt, fruit and eggs and headed up the stairs…oh wait….THE WINE!  I did go back down for that IMMEDIATELY😉

Purposefully deciding what to “carry” each day has been the most significant change I have made in terms of being a more present Mama!

Most days I hear God telling me to carry much less than I feel I should carry and HIS will ALWAYS wins.

Make it a great day Mama’s!

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